Hi, I’m Andy Gillin

I come from New Zealand but I’ve grown to love Katowice and Silesia

I came to Poland 10 years ago, since when I’ve started a family here, and yes, a language services company too. From the start of my time in Poland I’ve worked as a native speaker, language instructor, and later as a voice artist. I’ve made great friends and built up a network of contacts, thanks to whom the idea for Dynamic English was born. Since 2011 we’ve been active on the Polish market, using Direct methodology which we strongly believe is the most effective and fun way to teach. We ensure that our clients are happy and fully satisfied with the learning process, just as we are! But don’t just take my word for it – come and see for yourself at a completely FREE consultation!

Article in ‘Dziennik Zachodni’ about Andy and family

Article in ‘Dziennik Zachodni’ about Andy and family

Hear Andy promoting the ‘new’ Katowice

Hear Andy promoting the ‘new’ Katowice

Andy at the Festival of Learning at the University of Dąbrowa Górnicza

Andy at the Festival of Learning at the University of Dąbrowa Górnicza


For everyone

  • Improve your skills in all areas of English but especially verbal communication
  • Methodology based on natural communication between speakers
  • All levels, all ages
  • Effective acquisition of language skills required in business, daily and social life

Effective learning

  • We focus on speaking properly, and our students speak a lot during lessons
  • We build self-confidence, breaking down those barriers which prevent effective communication in a second language
  • Each lesson we review the material from previous lessons
  • Each lesson we introduce and practice new vocabulary and grammar principles through speaking
  • An experienced team of teachers and native speakers

Learning online

  • An interactive way to check your knowledge
  • A better understanding and recall of vocabulary and grammar
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Plenty of different exercises
  • A rich database of material which helps you review what you know and learn something new


Meet the crew who’ll help you improve your English skills – and have fun doing it


My name is Oliver and I come from the Garden of England, otherwise known as Kent in the South East, from a small town called Royal Tunbridge Wells. I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language since 2004, when I flew to China, originally intending to stay only for one year. I soon found that the pleasures of teaching, living in another culture and meeting new people, got under my skin, and so I jumped at the chance to come to Poland when I was invited.

I have worked with Andy Gillin since the summer of 2009, and was delighted to accept his offer to join his new Dynamic English school in Jan 2014. We have great students of all levels who are intelligent, ambitious and motivated, and I enjoy helping them raise the standard of their English with a mix of conversation and guided repetition, and we cover every topic under the sun in our lessons.


I’m Andrew, an Englishman,44 years young(!), originally of farming stock, from the historic, university, city of Cambridge. I have been lucky enough to live, work and study throughout the World (in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand), learning and experiencing diverse cultures along the way and find myself in Poland to continue life’s great adventure – except, perhaps, my particular interest of scuba diving in magical, warm, tropical waters! Teaching since 2004, I’ve been part of the Dynamic English stable for 18 months and especially enjoy helping/encouraging our students.


On the sunny beaches of central California, a young boy named Arthur Rich spent his days eating burritos and playing in the surf. So, naturally, the moment he became a man (and graduated university) he packed his suitcases and left. At the end of 1999, he landed in an alien world known as Japan, where he planned to study computer graphics under the masters at Ghibli Studios. His internship wouldn’t start for another 6 months, so he had plenty of time to explore the strange realm. The food was amazing in Japan, but certainly not cheap. Art is a big boy, so he needs a lot of food. This meant he needed a lot of money, which also meant he needed a job. His friend got him a job teaching English, and soon young Art fell in love with the profession. Of course, he really didn’t know what he was doing, so he decided to fly to Thailand to earn his ESL teaching certificate. With this power and knowledge he has since roamed the world, visiting over 80 nations, teaching English in 7 different countries…and 1 same country. In 2007 he taught in Katowice, with the amazingly wise and wonderful Andrew Gillin, and after a ten-year absence has decided to return to this amazing city to let the adventure continue.


Hi there, I’m originally from the wonderful city of Stoke-on-Trent in England. After graduating university I spend a few years travelling the world teaching English to people from all walks of life, before finally finding myself in sunny Katowice. I’ve been living in Katowice for around 7 years now and I really enjoy meeting new people all over Poland. When I’m not teaching English, I spend my time playing the guitar, racing drones, playing games, and exploring the bars and cafes of Katowice.


Born in Hungary and raised in Canada, with more than 10 years experience of teaching English at every level from absolute beginner to Proficiency, Bulcsu is ready to take on any challenge a new student may throw at him. His exposure to different cultures has contributed to his ability to understand and sympathise with the unique obstacles facing every learner of English. Bulcsu’s interests include watching films, good food, travel, sociology and music.


Originally from England, I have visited Poland on numerous occasions over the last 10 years,  and I decided it was high time to try living and working here.  So with armed with a Polish phrasebook I arrived in Katowice 8 months ago and since then have at least tried to learn the language. Having previously taught English in Germany  to both adult and children, I enjoy the challenge of helping students gain confidence speaking English.  When I’m not teaching, I love writing and working on my many short stories and perhaps future bestselling novel? Learning to play the guitar, much to the distress of my neighbours,  writing poetry, learning Polish, slowly,  and eating mountains of Pierogi are just some of my many hobbies.