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Hi, I’m Andy Gillin

I come from New Zealand but I’ve grown to love Katowice and Silesia

I came to Poland 10 years ago, since when I’ve started a family here, and yes, a language services company too. From the start of my time in Poland I’ve worked as a native speaker, language instructor, and later as a voice artist. I’ve made great friends and built up a network of contacts, thanks to whom the idea for Dynamic English was born. Since 2011 we’ve been active on the Polish market, using Direct methodology which we strongly believe is the most effective and fun way to teach. We ensure that our clients are happy and fully satisfied with the learning process, just as we are! But don’t just take my word for it – come and see for yourself at a completely FREE consultation!

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Our team

Meet the crew who’ll help you improve your English skills – and have fun doing it


My name is Oliver and I come from the Garden of England, otherwise known as Kent in the South East, from a small town called Royal Tunbridge Wells. I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language since 2004, when I flew to China, originally intending to stay only for one year. I soon found that the pleasures of teaching, living in another culture and meeting new people, got under my skin, and so I jumped at the chance to come to Poland when I was invited.

I have worked with Andy Gillin since the summer of 2009, and was delighted to accept his offer to join his new Dynamic English school in Jan 2014. We have great students of all levels who are intelligent, ambitious and motivated, and I enjoy helping them raise the standard of their English with a mix of conversation and guided repetition, and we cover every topic under the sun in our lessons.


Born in Hungary and raised in Canada, with more than 10 years experience of teaching English at every level from absolute beginner to Proficiency, Bulcsu is ready to take on any challenge a new student may throw at him. His exposure to different cultures has contributed to his ability to understand and sympathise with the unique obstacles facing every learner of English. Bulcsu’s interests include watching films, good food, travel, sociology and music.


Hi, I’m Tony, a native speaker from Long Island, New York. I have lived and worked in many countries around the world as a musician exploring their culture and beauty. Currently I am living in Poland with my family and working as a Native Speaker. I have been a part of Dynamic English since January 2019 and am excited about being a part of the Dynamic English team, encouraging my students to continue their growth and discover the English language.


I developed my passion for teaching English during my MA studies at English Philology Department and teaching still continues to be my passion. I am lucky enough to have lived and worked in several countries – Poland and Britain (being both Polish and British passport holder), the USA and the Sultanate of Oman. I have a wealth of experience working in international and multicultural environments and teaching General English as well as English for Specific Purposes and preparing students for Cambridge and IELTS exams.

In my leisure time, I am a world-traveller and explorer. I have participated in numerous expeditions to many countries on several continents. I also love designing and decorating interiors.


From the US, who has been teaching English for 4 years. After travelling around Europe, he has discovered that Poland owns a large space in his small heart and decided to unpack his interest in Poland. He has been a public speaker who uses verbal pyrotechnics to click on the motivation and energy tab in students. Sam believes in getting connected with students and helping them step by step to enhance their English. He is a passionate sportsman who also encourages vegetarianism and other environmental friendly activities.

What they say

I doubt you’ll find a better language school specialising in the Direct Method of language instruction anywhere in Silesia.
Łukasz Pasek

Highly professional, fully engaged, and strong educational values. That’s what makes learning with Dynamic English both fun and effective.
Dawid Kostempski
President of the City of Świętochłowice

Practical use of the language and emphasis on the ability to speak. That’s what distinguishes lessons with Andy.
Andrzej Klause
Porsche Centrum Katowice

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