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The skills, competences and experience of your employees are your advantage on the market and can determine your success in business.  A crucial component is of course their communication skills, which can be vital in dealing with clients from abroad – otherwise you might find the barriers to effective cooperation are too great to overcome.  Our team are experienced native speakers, who have taught plenty of business clients in a number of countries.  That’s what sets us apart. Our blend of the highly effective Direct method and our experience in business and culture will help your staff to communicate effectively and create value for your business.


Our courses are tailored to the client’s needs.  We present a plan designed especially for your firm, taking into account the industry, your goals (eg. International expansion, new projects) and of course the skill level of your team.  Effective learning and visible progress means that you and your staff will be on the right path to success in communication, and in business!

Our offer

Business English for companies

Business English for public institutions

English for your industry

Conversation with Native Speakers

English language lessons – all levels from beginner to proficiency

Improve your speaking skills

Improve your writing skills

Improve your speaking and writing skills

Exam preparation

Where do we teach? Basically everywhere!

Our offer includes both lessons at our office in the centre of Katowice, as well as wherever is most convenient for the client – you decide what works best for you!

We also offer lessons over Skype – learn at home or at the office.

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Remote learning

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